At Mercado Landscaping, we offer a full range of Landscaping and Design services.

Our services include:

Site Planning

To create a landscape conceptual plan, we need to create a base plan. To do this, we will visit your site, analyze the area, and consider aspects such as overall grading, existing plant materials, current soil condition, ideal areas for placement of new functional areas to match your lifestyle, privacy issues, neighborhood, sun exposure, microclimates, etc. After discussing with you what your goals are for the area, we will create a site plan for the area.


Using the base plan and taking into consideration your preferences you have stated in your design interview, we will create an estimate for your approval. If there are any additions to the project or elements you’ve decided against, we will then finalize the estimate including items such as hardscape and any structures you may want included so you have a complete final budget prior to the beginning of the project.


There’s an old saying we like – the devil is in the details. At this point, we will complete the design and construction drawings of every aspect of your landscape project. These are the detailed drawings from which the landscape elements will be built.


Mercado Landscaping believes mixing hardscape and softscape enhances the overall look of any landscape environment. Hardscape elements may include:

  • Masonry – driveways, pathways, patios, walkways, seating areas. These areas may be constructed with plain, colored or stamped aggregate, brick, pavers, travertine, cobblestone, natural and pre-cast stone, recycled crushed base rock, gravel or an array of other choices.
  • Retaining Walls, Entry Columns, Seating Walls and Steps.
    These elements may be constructed from pre-cast, concrete, block, stucco, wood, and stone, from dry stacked or mortared non-engineered walls.
  • Outdoor Structures
    We design and install barbecue islands and grills, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and fire places. In addition, we install façade on homes, stucco walls, arbors, fences, decks, gazebos and other structures.
  • Water Features
    Many landscape environments include spas, fountains, ponds and water falls, which we will install as part of the overall design.


Selecting the right planting materials for your new landscape environment is critical to its success. Depending on the soil, the irrigation, the use, we select the right materials for the environment. However, we do take certain factors into consideration:

  • Utilization of California native plants
  • Efficient drip irrigation
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Recyclable materials
  • Minimization of harmful chemicals such as toxic pressure treated wood, herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Minimization of waste of green materials, water runoff and construction wastes
  • Maximization of natural resources such as solar energy, reusable materials, mature vegetation, on-site water preservation


We specialize in landscape lighting design that enhances the overall experience creating the right effect in the environment. This includes:

  • Architectural outdoor lighting
  • Automatic and time sensitive transformers
  • Low voltage lighting fixtures
  • Path lights
  • Accent lights
  • Arbor and trellis lights
  • Wall lights
  • Deck lights


Maintaining an efficient irrigation system for your landscape environment is critical to its success. Mercado Landscaping provides:

  • Residential irrigation design and installation
  • Automatic irrigation controllers
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Drip emitters
  • Soaker hose
  • Bubblers
  • Sub-surface irrigation system
  • Water management and conservation techniques


Once we have completed the design process and selected the plant and hardscape materials, we are ready for installation.

At Mercado Landscaping, we pride ourselves in dedicating an entire crew to a client’s job. The same crew shows up every day until your job is complete. You can trust the crew, who are all licensed and bonded.

And remember, at Mercado Landscaping, we stand behind our work.

Stone Work

Coming soon.